Arrrrr! LMCC wins Excellence in Communication award with Sticky campaign

excellence in communication

excellence in communicationLake Macquarie City Council have just won the Excellence in Communication Award for their Future of Waste initiative which included Sticky’s “Say ARRR, Avoid Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” campaign.

The awards are between 150 local governments and shires across NSW and are presented by the Local Government and Shires Association at the annual Local Government Week event. The RH Dougherty Awards are the highest accolade a NSW council can receive in the area of communications.

Sticky worked in conjunction with GHD to create an integrated campaign to engage Lake Macquarie residents about the need to address waste management issues in the city. The campaign was fronted by Arrrthur the Pirate who urged everybody to “Say ARRR, Avoid, Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle”.

A series of 6 television commercials were created and run over a nine month period, supported by local press, a dedicated website, social media, direct mail and live appearances by Arrrthur at public events held by the council.

The awards judges said, “The campaign was well planned, extensive and achieved long term environmentally sustainable outcomes for the community of Lake Macquarie. The depth and breadth of the advertising campaign was imperative to ensure a prompt take up of the community for the programme to be effective”.

Waste management issues are becoming significant for local councils around Australia and is leading to the need for change in how we all handle waste. Sticky is proud to be involved in such an important campaign and congratulate Lake Macquarie City Council on their professional approach and thorough community engagement.