Results: Retail Digital Marketing

This premium retailer had once been the leader in their market but increased competition and several marketing miss-steps saw their sales slide. They had engaged a local agency who charged them to create cute content and post it on their social media accounts. But it was totally ineffective and sales fell further.

They came to Sticky desperate to turn things around. They agreed to let us take control of their entire online sales process.

We spent a month building out our digital marketing plan and launched in September 2022 with immediate sales growth.

A combination of SEO, Facebook & Instagram advertising and clever email database marketing saw sales take off.


Within two months they had almost tripled sales and achieved their highest e-commerce revenue in 20 years of business.

It became clear that every time we emailed their database sales increased, so in February 2023 we launched a new campaign to significantly grow their subscribed database. It tripled in the first month. We intend to continue this strategy.

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