Email Marketing

Your email list can be your greatest asset

As a leading email marketing agency, we believe this is still one of the most effective tactics available.

Every business needs an audience if it wants to thrive. And that audience needs to know you, like you and trust you before they decide to buy anything from you.

So your biggest asset isn’t your advertising, or your website, or your big shiny office. Your biggest asset is your “opted-in” email list. The list of people who have chosen to follow you, to learn more from you, to stay in touch with you.

The team at Sticky know how to grow and nurture your email list for increased sales and loyalty.

And the great thing is, you don’t need to “sell” to them because they elected to follow you. They have self-identified as potential clients.

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Let’s talk

Before you spend another cent on marketing, let’s talk. We can discuss your current results and what you’d really like to achieve.

Then we can discuss whether we can help create an effective digital marketing plan to get the results you need sooner.

The benefits of email marketing

Email marketing has consistently proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach customers and drive sales. Here’s why email marketing should be an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy.

  1. Cost-effective: Unlike other forms of advertising, you don’t need to pay for print space, airtime, or ad space. All you need is a good email marketing software and a mailing list, and you can send messages to your audience at little to no cost.
  2. Highly targeted: You can segment your audience based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors. This level of targeting ensures that your messages are relevant and personalised, leading to higher engagement rates and conversions.
  3. Easy to track: Track how many people opened your emails, clicked on links, and made a purchase. This data allows you to optimise your campaigns and improve your results.
  4. Builds relationships: By sending personalised messages and offers, you can keep customers engaged and loyal to your brand so they keep coming back for more.
  5. Boosts sales: According to a recent study, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average ROI is $42. That’s a pretty impressive return on investment!
  6. Increases brand awareness: By consistently sending messages to your audience, you can reinforce your brand message and build brand recognition.
  7. Easy to automate: Send messages at the right time to the right people using automation to save you time.
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Sticky email marketing

Grow your email list

We have mastered the art of producing lead magnets that attract new prospects and can grow your database significantly.

As part of our Growth Marketing Accelerator we identify the key issues and topics affecting your target market and position you as the experts with the solution.

Prospects then enter your database whereby an email nurturing sequence can continue to build trust and invite them to take the next step.

It’s an incredibly successful and cost-effective lead generation strategy.

Nurture & convert

People don’t go out of their way to buy from you. They need to be prompted and reminded.

We create processes to follow-up leads and previous enquiries in order to convert as many as possible.

Email nurturing allows you to communicate with your customers and prospects to ensure they’re doing as much as possible with you, maximising their lifetime value.

A well-managed email campaign can turn every communication into sales.