Inbound marketing gives cold calls the cold shoulder

If there is one thing that sales team generally hate, its cold-calling. Finding new business prospects from scratch can be very difficult and disheartening.

Having run sales teams for a local radio station, I’ve seen good sales reps struggle with the dreaded cold-call. They leaf through the phone book looking for prospects then go through the process of hunting down the decision makers only to be told their services aren’t required.

Imagine if sales teams could forget about the cold-calling and just meet with qualified prospects. Imagine only meeting with buyers who’ve already decided they’re interested in what you’re selling.

That’s what Inbound Marketing can achieve.

Inbound Marketing positions a business in front of potential customers when they are read to purchase. It provides the purchaser with relevant information and an option to find out more, or make an inquiry with that business. Inbound Marketing brings highly qualified and motivated customers to you.

The results can be staggering. One sales force using our Sticky Inbound Marketing system is currently achieving a conversion rate of 92% from appointments to sales. Every one of those customers contacted them. Previously the same team was converting 27% of appointments to sales using old lead generation techniques.

Now the goal for the company in question is to increase the traffic to their website and increase the rate of inquiry from that traffic. They know that they will get the sale if they get the appointment because the quality of their inquiries is so high. Small increases in traffic and inquiry rates will lead to significant sales growth for this company without spending an extra cent on advertising or additional sales people.

We’re assisting the sales team now by trialling various online conversion strategies and the location of important information and prompts on their website. We’ve even employed a new heat-mapping analysis to see the click patterns of visitors to their site. The results can be enlightening to say the least.

We’re also devising a second phase keyword strategy that will boost traffic whilst maintaining the quality of inquiries. One thing we’ve learned is that the most popular searches aren’t always the best and this particular company is achieving sensational results from very narrow searches.

Inbound marketing has turned this decent sales team into a powerhouse by delivering high quality leads and motivated purchasers.

6 steps to an effective internet marketing strategy

1. Discover whether your website is a capable marketing tool. Our free Web NLYZR report will show you the strengths and weaknesses of your site.

2. Make the appropriate adjustments to create an effective inbound marketing site. In some cases this could mean walking away from your current site if its inadequate, or making some recommended improvements.

3. Set revenue goals. Any good marketing campaign should be geared towards reaching a revenue target. These goals will help determine your strategy.

4. Identify your best potential targets. Many businesses make the mistake of chasing broad, unqualified keyword searches that are too competitive and deliver poor results. Keyword NLYZR can show you which searches to chase and which to ignore.

5. Provide an easy, obvious method for visitors to reach your goal conversion objective.

6. Measure your results. Determine which sources are delivering the best traffic-to-conversion results and which are failing. Adjust and improve accordingly.

Alternatively, you could contact us here at Sticky and start your successful Inbound Marketing campaign sooner.

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Craig Wilson is the founder of Sticky. He has been in the business of growing businesses for over 25 years. If you’d like to speak with Craig to discuss how Sticky might be able to help your business get better results, just book a call here.

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