Australian Cancer Research Foundation launches new website

ACRF Launch New Website

We are proud to announce the launch of the new website for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. The team at Sticky worked long and hard with ACRF to deliver a new website that would meet the traffic, search and usability requirements of Australia’s leading Cancer Research Foundation.

Australian Cancer Research Foundation new website
Australian Cancer Research Foundation website

The website is a source of much of the foundation’s donations, so it was crucial to create a site that would enable them to increase traffic and subsequent charitable donations.

Whilst the site was built with a big emphasis on search engine optimisation, we are also excited about ACRF’s strong push into social networks and inbound marketing. The site incorporates and extensive menu of sharing options, an embedded Twitter feed and several ways to connect with ACRF.

Already the site has seen a substantial increase in traffic (it actually launched quietly in early May) and we will be pulling apart the analytics and performing heat mapping to study visitor responses in order to improve the site even more. We have already used NLYZR to improve the search engine optimisation for ACRF, but now the site is launched we can continue to broaden the search base and maximise search traffic.

Most importantly, we will be focusing heavily on turning traffic into donations so that Australian Cancer Research Foundation can fund even more crucial projects.

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