Building the perfect website

Building the perfect website

We’re in the process of building the perfect website – perfect for us, that is.

In reality there probably isn’t a perfect website, but we’re trying to build something that is exceptionally effective for the launch of our all new NLYZR Website Optimization System.

Of course everybody has different objectives for their websites and so there is no single design, layout or strategy that will work for all, but in our case we have a very clear set of objectives for NLYZR and have started redesigning from scratch.

Some of the considerations we need to include are; search engine optimization, ease of navigation, very clear conversion signals, plenty of compelling content, forms, videos, PDF downloads, payment facilities, an e-commerce platform, members area, confirmation messages and emails……and that’s before the user starts playing with the new NLYZR system we’ve developed.

It’s, um…….complicated and we’ve taken a lot of care in trying to design a site that makes sense and delivers results. Here’s the way we mapped it out in the office during planning…. (basketball hoop not included)


Will it be perfect? Probably not.

We expect to test and change the site a lot over the next year to continually improve the user experience and fine-tune our conversion strategies. A lot depends on the early results and feedback we receive. But we think this will be a great start. We’ve used our best ideas and closely studied exceptional websites from around the world in order to determine the best possible design.

Very few sites are “set and forget”, they need constant monitoring and adjustments to achieve exceptional results. It doesn’t matter whether if you’re launching a new site aimed at a global market, like we are with NLYZR, or a small site for your hometown…. every site can continually improve and evolve. They may never be perfect but hopefully they deliver increasingly good results for you.

Note: we aim to launch the NLYZR Website Optimization System in early September 2011, but you can use our Free Web NLYZR anytime.

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