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Google search 2009

Google search 2009Online search has already revolutionised the way many companies do business and how we as consumers find the things we need. Smart marketers have used search engine optimisation to ensure their website are easily found by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Yet it is amazing how many organisations are still lagging behind when it comes to search and missing valuable business.

Well now Google is launching an initiative that will see the smart marketers move further ahead and the laggards choking on dust: real-time search.

According to Mashable, Google real-time search updates as stuff is happening around the Web – for example, live tweets, Yahoo Answers, news articles and Web pages now stream in on the actual result pages for your query. It works on mobile too (at least iPhone and Android for now).

That’s not all, though. Google’s announced that they’ve inked partnerships with both Facebook and MySpace to pull in data in real-time. For Facebook, that means public Facebook Pages, and for MySpace, it means any stream data that is publicly available. This is on top of the partnership that the company announced with Twitter back in October.

This means that in the Google search results, you will begin to see live updates from sites like Twitter and FriendFeed as well as instant headlines from news and blog posts.

Real-time search means that is now more important than ever to start implementing an inbound marketing strategy and bringing your web presence into the 21st Century. Marketers need to look at intelligent web design, search engine optimisation, social media and traffic conversion strategies in order to make the most of the opportunities presented by real-time search. Most importantly, start publishing more content across multiple streams.

Finally, you can view Google’s quaint take on their new real-time search facility in this video:

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