Make Your Process Part of Your Brand

Your business operations can be a part of your branding

Your business operations can be a part of your brandingMost people assume branding is all about a nice logo, clever positioning and a slogan or value proposition. But did you know that your process, the unique way you do things in your business, can become an invaluable part of your brand too?

Every business inevitably has a set of processes it follows to deliver its products or services. Some of these processes will be instinctive, others will be documented and followed as part of its operational systems.

But sometimes that process can be a competitive advantage, something that really sets you apart. The problem is that most businesses don’t realise it or make it a key part of their brand.

You can take your business to another level by translating your special process into something you can become well-known for. Then, by branding your process you can really OWN it, build trust and set yourself apart.

A reliable, well-branded process communicates that you don’t just make things up as you go, but that you have a tried and trusted way of delivering your offering. It helps position you as an expert and instills trust that clients will get the promised results.

Making your process part of your brand allows you to explain and sell your services much more easily. It also means that both you and your clients know exactly what to expect once you get started…because there’s a documented process that will be followed.

This is something I implemented in my own business, to great effect, late last year. We realised that, as a marketing agency, there are certain steps we take with almost every client.

We also identified two of the biggest concerns clients have when engaging an agency for their marketing; the length of time it can take to get started and see a return on their investment, and the large financial commitment they usually make in the hope of seeing that return.

So we set about redesigning our standard processes with a view to reducing that perceived client risk and speeding up the delivery of services and outcomes. The result was a documented process we call our 10 Day Growth Marketing Accelerator.

This process commits both our clients and my team to following a well-defined number of steps in an agreed period of time. It’s more efficient for everyone involved. We’re well compensated in a shorter period of time and the client receives their initial outcomes months faster than most would expect, meaning they start seeing a return on their investment much, much sooner.

This process has become the cornerstone of our business and has made it much easier to explain and sell our marketing services. Our process is actually fundamental to our brand. It is not a gimmick or even about speed, it’s an expression of our no-nonsense approach to focusing only on the things that matter most in creating effective marketing.

So, my question to you is: what do you do in your business that can become a marketable process and compelling part of your brand story?

This article was written by Craig Wilson and first published in the Newcastle Herald on 26th June, 2018.

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