Why Great Content Is Invaluable To Your Business

Creating original content provides the audience with valuable information

Creating original content provides the audience with valuable informationI recently had a new client contact me, wanting to get started immediately despite us having never met and not even having written a proposal. When I asked why, he said, “I’ve read everything you’ve written over the last year and know we’re a good fit.”

Most successful modern marketers know that the creation of great content can be one of the most valuable investments you can make for your business.

Best of all, producing quality content doesn’t need to cost a lot. You just need to invest a little bit of your time.

I’m not suggesting that producing content is easy for everyone, but it is definitely worth it because it keeps delivering value long after you’ve posted it.

While I favour writing blogs, you could lean towards video content, infographics or even podcasts if they better suit your style, skills and industry.

Great content helps you bypass the traditional one-to-one sales funnel and potentially means you can spend less time talking to people who aren’t a good fit, and more time closing clients. If your message reaches the right audience and appeals to their needs, this funnel perspective is obsolete.

Creating original content not only builds your company’s brand, it provides the audience with valuable information and positions you as the authority in your industry. With consumers spending so much time researching products and services before they make a final purchase, a site that offers key information needed in the decision-making process is essential.

Companies can utilise content marketing to ensure that they are giving potential customers the information they need to make educated buying decisions. Don’t just write anything to get your site up and running, or overlook the importance of providing key information on your site. Investing time or money in content creation will provide long-term value.

This article was first published in the Newcastle Herald on April 17, 2018.


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