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Google search interface 2010Google has launched a new look for their venerable search interface, borrowing heavily from the Bing user interface. According to Google they are now offering more contextually relevant navigation options to the page. You can now Google search Everything, News, Blogs, Images, Video, Books and much more.

But the big story is the ongoing move towards relevance. Google’s changes are great news for those who practice professional inbound marketing. We have been saying for some time now that search is increasingly going to be about relevance. Bing made a big deal about their desire to provide more relevant results and now Google is responding. The list of options Google is now providing allows users to drill down to more relevant searches more quickly, including variable date ranges, shopping sites and related searches.

What does this mean to your business? A lot in our opinion. Now, more than ever, you need to professionally optimise your entire web presence rather than just your website. Your customers will have the ability to find you, or your opposition, through a multitude of search options. It’s crucial that you have addressed each of those options.

Video optimisation. Image optimisation. Blog optimisation. News optimisation. Related search optimisation.

There’s a lot to look at but can your business afford to miss out on the new customers that might find you via these options?

Corporate marketers need to adjust their thinking about their search marketing strategies in order to keep with the latest changes to search engines. Its important to keep creating and publishing diversified content that is relevant to what your customers are searching for.

The marketer who is only just getting around to finally optimising their website might find that the market has already moved on. However those who actively optimise their entire web presence will be a long way in front of the bulk of their competitors.

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