Content Is The Key To Successful Online Marketing

Key to Successful Marketing

Great content is the key to successful online marketing.

Sure you can try to optimise a web page for almost any search term, but without great content it probably won’t deliver the desired results. Search engines like Google are increasingly trying to promote popular, relevant content over heavily optimised pages. Even if you succeed in ranking high on Google and visitors click through to your page, they’ll leave again within seconds if the content doesn’t satisfy their needs or engage them in some way.

Sure you can embrace social media and share your web page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, but without great content you won’t get many visits or re-shares. Your online friends have a reputation to protect too. They are only going to share content they think others will appreciate.

Sure you can have traffic conversion strategies and forms all over your website or Facebook page, but without great content you probably won’t have motivated, interested visitors taking the next step.

Content is at the heart of our 360 Degree Digital Media Strategy. We encourage organisations to set their information free as part our Content Marketing Plan. Most organisations have a story to tell. Most have filing cabinets full of reports, data, statistics and other information that would be useful or relevant to their potential customers. We say “dig it out and use it.”

So before you start a link building strategy, before you try to grow your Facebook Fans or Twitter followers, before you begin emailing that database and before designing that contact form……create some content that will delight, engage, motivate or inform your potential customers. Then create some more. Its the first step towards online success.

Here’s some more great content about the need for great content from the team at Content+ in the UK.

The anatomy of content marketing - the heart of online success
The anatomy of content marketing – the heart of online success
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