Content Marketing: the Number One Factor for Google Rankings

Nearly everyone with a website wants a high Google ranking. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a complex field with hundreds of different theories, tools, and tactics. You can obsess over keyword density, meta tags, on-site SEO, backlinks, and lots of other factors. While these all have their place, they can distract you from the top factor for Google rankings – content.

Google Favors Quality Content

While Google releases new updates regularly, each with its own particular emphasis. What’s been consistent over the last decade or so, however, is that Google increasingly favours sites with fresh, original and relevant content. Here are some tips on developing a content marketing strategy that helps your site rank with Google.

  • Longer content may rank better. According to a recent study, the average length of a first-page result on Google is 1,890 words. Google considers longer more valuable.
  • Remember to EAT. Google favors sites that demonstrate EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. In other words, it’s not enough to simply publish content. It has to demonstrate value, relevance, and authority. This may involve doing more research, interviewing experts, or keeping up with the latest news and trends in your industry.
  • Acquire both inbound and outbound links. Links still matter for SEO and link building can work well with your content marketing strategy. Get inbound links from trustworthy sites with practices such as guest blogging and social media posting. Link to authoritative sources. Also, link internally to relevant posts and pages on your site.
  • Post fresh content consistently. If you want Google to rank your site, it’s essential to stay active. Outdated content reduces your site’s authority in Google’s eyes. Remember, the more content you have, the more chances you have to rank and for your audience to find you.

If you would like to get more traffic, leads, and customers with inbound marketing, great content and SEO, contact us.

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