Four steps for more clients

– by Craig Wilson

Many of the hundreds of business owners I talk to every year tell me that their business is different. That their challenge is unique.

But they rarely are.

What I love about business is that there are really only a few challenges we all face when going from unknown to thriving.

Sure, there are thousands of different types of businesses, and even if you’re in the same industry as somebody else, you may be offering a different type of service, or selling a different type of product.

But when you start breaking things down and really looking at the problems you’re dealing with when you’re trying to make your business bigger and better, you’ll see we’re all in the same exact situation.

And usually the biggest challenge is how to get more people coming to you.

No matter how many ways people tell me they need help with their business, it usually comes down to actually meaning “I want more clients”.

So the first steps you need to take are:

1) Identifying the people you want to serve and create a business relationship with,

2) Knowing how big that market is,

3) Determining how to get in front of them and get their attention so you can begin that relationship.

Time and again I see the best framework for successfully winning more clients as being fairly simple.

First, you have to narrow your focus and select a single target market.

Second, you have to compel the best prospects to raise their hand and let you know they’re interested in knowing more about how you can help them.

Third, you have to educate and motivate them so they trust you enough to start working with you.

And finally, you have to make an irresistible offer so it’s almost impossible for them to say no.

Follow these steps and you’ll always have more clients.

These 4 steps are central to our Growth Marketing Accelerator. They are designed to deliver you real marketing results, faster. Read more here and let us know if you’d like to talk.

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Craig Wilson is the founder of Sticky. He has been in the business of growing businesses for over 25 years. If you’d like to speak with Craig to discuss how Sticky might be able to help your business get better results, just book a call here.

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