How to Be Sure Your Content Is Seen

Make your content stand out from the crowd
Make your content stand out from the crowd
Make your content stand out from the crowd

With social media being a powerful weapon for marketers and businesses, it’s all too easy to post something to Facebook, Twitter and other networks and think that your job is done. However, while social media gets word out quickly, it’s not magical. A lot of the time, the content you post may not get the traffic you desire, whether it’s due to your target audience not being online at the right time or something else entirely. But don’t worry, all hope is not lost. You just need to put in even more effort to make your content seen by others.

Here’s how to be sure that your content is seen….

Utilize the power of email

If your company works with email a lot and you have customers on an email list, try sending new content through there in addition to social media. Unlike Facebook or Twitter posts which have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle, sending content to an email address almost certainly guarantees people will receive and read it. Email isn’t a lost art. In fact, according to an article written by Kevan Lee on Buffer Social, “it’s one of the best channels for reaching the largest percentage of your followers.”

Repeatedly share your content on social media

Due to the vast quantity of content out there and the time of day your target audience is online, more often than not your posts won’t be seen by them and your hits will be lower than anticipated. Posting a new piece of content say twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) gives your audience a better chance of seeing it right when they come online. Later on, if that same piece of content becomes relevant again, post it once more. You might just gain a whole new crop of readers.

Repurpose your content to get even more out of it

Many topics aren’t just one-and-done with a simple social media post. That article you wrote and posted could potentially be made into something else for people to look at, say a video or slideshow. Presenting content in more than one form helps promote it and your business faster. It opens the door for topics being used to their full potential.

Optimise for search

We believe that every post, every page on your website is another opportunity to rank highly in search for a handful of search terms. Make sure that you content addresses as specific topic and then optimise it correctly for search. You might discover that more potential customers find you and your content that way than via any other channel. (This is the foundation of our long-tail blogging strategy).

Contact us for more information on how to promote content and have it seen by more people each day.

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