How To Combine SEO With Content Marketing For More Traffic

seo_content_webtraffic_increaseMany people who want to improve their online marketing strategy are curious about what it means to blend SEO tactics with content marketing. Although in theory SEO and content marketing are two separate concepts, merging SEO with content marketing is a highly effective strategy for improving your online visibility.

We’ve outlined a few steps below to help you learn more about how to combine SEO with content marketing for more traffic:

Pay attention to what your audience wants.

The first step to merging SEO with content marketing is to research your target demographic in order to develop an understanding of what your audience wants. You’ll want to know your audience’s geographic location, age group, and – especially – the keywords that they’re using to find you.

Don’t focus on SEO for SEO’s sake.

Focusing on SEO just for the sake of improving SEO will make your content sound stilted and unnatural. Furthermore, Google’s algorithms are advanced enough that techniques such as “keyword stuffing” are not likely to be successful. While SEO strategies are useful, they shouldn’t take away from the quality of your content.

View SEO as a natural part of your content.

The best way to merge SEO and content marketing is to incorporate your SEO keyword insights into your content as naturally as possible. It’s most important to focus on creating quality content that’s relevant to your audience. In addition, you may find that your content ends up attracting views via keywords that you didn’t intentionally create.

This is what we do for many clients with our Strategic Blogging service.The following Google Analytics screenshot is for a client with aggressive SEO & Content strategy which led to more than double monthly traffic within 6 months.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.32.13 pm

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