How to Get More Social Shares for Your Posts

Sharing is social

Sharing is socialEncouraging users to share social media content is not always easy.  Users feel pressured to share because companies push too hard or aren’t keen sharing content that isn’t very interesting.  While there are more reasons, companies can overcome it.  Here are some easy ways to get more social shares for your posts without begging.

Ask: There’s a thin line between asking and begging.  Asking is mentioning it once casually.  Begging is asking casually several times.  Mention words like ‘please RT’ or ‘like me on Facebook.’  It’s about subtle reminders, not forcing them to share.

Curious and enticing headlines: Construct thought-provoking headlines.  Make readers curious about the answer to the question provided or persuade readers to learn more.  Numbered lists, twists, and cliffhangers are the most clickable headlines.  Each type brings a mystique to headlines, leaving users wanting to know more.

Add social sharing buttons: AddThis, ShareThis, and other social sharing buttons make sharing information convenient.  It’s vital those buttons are at their fingertips.  Position it at the top, bottom, and side for easy sharing access.

Share during active times of the day: Google Analytics and other statistical software give companies a general idea about the most active hours of the day.  Use that on social media sites to determine what those times are.  Tweet and post during those times and you’re more likely to get shares.

Include visual content: Videos, photos, quotes, and infographics are visual eye candy.  It is the knowledge we absorb faster than text.  For everyone that doesn’t want to read endless paragraphs, visual content provides a face, symbol, or color to normal content.

Hashtags: Twitter made hashtags a trendsetting tool.  Hashtags show companies what everyone is talking about at this moment.  Now Google+, Facebook, search engines and other social media sites have joined in.  Create a unique hashtag and add it to relevant posts to encourage sharing.

Share users’ information: Sharing goes both ways.  Continuous sharing is about sharing what is trending in their circle as well as yours.  Share users’ tweets and posts along with commenting.

Social sharing excites users.  No need to beg for interaction; users are willing to share good information.  And it doesn’t need to be hard work when if you do the right things for user engagement.

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