How to Increase Sales with Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsStarting a new business involves countless details that need attention. Many business owners have probably heard of Google’s Analytics reports, but are often too overloaded with other tasks requiring their attention to conduct a complete analysis of every metric offered by Google. In this post, we’ll discuss the highlights of these reports that provide insight into what makes customers “tick”, and what is turning them away.

What are Users Searching For?

Does your site offer a search feature?  If not, then your organization is missing out on a critical opportunity to understand what potential customers are truly looking for. Add this feature to your site, then enable analysis of it through Google Analytics.

Analyze the Behavior Flow Report

Most users consider a homepage as a starting point; they do not necessarily want everything they are looking for crammed together on one main page. So it benefits an organisation to follow this lead from visitors. Once the user is inside your site, track their behavior and analyze it through Google’s Behavior Flow report.

Track Goals

It’s great to set goals, but it is vital to see if the modifications you make to your site are really accomplishing anything. Use Google Analytics to set goals and track the actual results to see if goals are working as intended.

Analyze Social Media Outlets

Google offers a social media report that reveals in real terms whether increases in social media activity actually creates new customers. This way businesses can keep track of whether investment in ad spending is actually profitable.

Track Mobile vs. Desktop

There can be significant differences between a mobile user’s experience and the more traditional desktop experience. Businesses need to know both avenues are providing great customer satisfaction. Fortunately, Google tracks whether a customer is using a mobile device or a desktop, so organizations can review any significant discrepancies between the two experiences.

Track Top Converting Pages

Popular pages are nice, but do they result in conversions? Find out for sure by analyzing the top converting page report.

Landing Pages Still Count

Of course, the ultimate goal is to have site visitors follow through to become an actual customer. However, it is still important to find what attracted them to your site in the first place, so Google tracks landing page activity to help organizations determine what garners interest in their site.

Review Lifetime Value

Looking at one metric is often not enough to provide a complete picture. With Google’s Lifetime Value report, site admins can select multiple metrics to help with analyzing the complete context of a given result.

There’s so much insight to be gained from good analytics so take the time to understand what is happening on your website.

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