Inbound Marketing – 3 Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Many people search online for a small, but relevant pieces of information like a phone number for a local business or perhaps their store hours.  However, many others perform searches because they have specific questions about a particular subject and are looking for full-bodied answers.  In addition to the products and/or services your company offers, you and your employees must have a wealth of knowledge and expertise available to offer the public arena.  Discovering ways to make this knowledge and expertise available to current and potential customers is the key to increasing traffic to your website.

Here are 3 tips to help you effectively communicate to your audience and attract visitors online:

Highlight Your FAQs

If you have a physical store as well as an online presence, you know that often customers come into your store with the same questions.  Customers often look for similar answers online, which gives you the perfect opportunity to meet that need for customer service.  Keep track of the questions that customers pose to you in person or on the phone and then present great answers online to the most common inquiries.

Flesh Out Your Answers With a Blog

Especially for those businesses who only have an online presence, consider blogging about the various subjects in which you have expertise.  Not only will keywords naturally emanate from your website, which are then captured by search engines, you’ll also provide valuable information that clients will truly appreciate.  Showing potential customers that you are professional and knowledgeable builds their confidence in you and your abilities to provide quality products and/or services.

Visual Aids

While some people are content with the written word, other people prefer to consume their information through visual sources.  Consider adding videos to your site that offer relevant information to customers.  Some companies offer their FAQs by way of video; taping their salespeople answering the top questions most often asked by customers.  Other companies offer how-to tips on how to complete a project or task using their products.  Others like to show their participation in their local community by offering a video of their sponsorship in a charitable event.

If you build it, they will come.  If you build a website that provides useful information to your audience in interesting formats, they will find you.

Case Study: Property Services client 298% growth in rental applications from inbound marketing

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