Marketing Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing Now

outsourcing-solutionWhen your reputation is on the line, sometimes it’s hard to trust others with parts of your business. However, marketing is one area in which it makes sense to delegate some of the day-to-day work to experts. Outsourcing some of your marketing tasks frees you up to focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

So, what are some of the marketing tasks that would be better to outsource?


Keeping a blog up-to-date can be time-consuming. There is more to it than coming up with quality content. Between scheduling posts, moderating comments, adding meta tags, and finding images, running a blog can quickly become overwhelming. It makes sense to outsource at least some of these tasks.

Social Media

Similarly, managing your social media accounts consists of many daily tasks that could easily be handled by someone with experience in the field – especially when your brand is spread across multiple social media platforms.


A skilled SEO expert would be more up-to-date on trends and strategies that would benefit your company. SEO experts keep up with the latest algorithm updates and have the experience necessary to analyze the campaigns of your competitors.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an area in which you can quickly find yourself completely immersed. Luckily, researching statistics lends itself easily to delegation so that you won’t get bogged down. A qualified freelancer can also interview sources, convert and backup files, and keep track of your content marketing budget.


Making decisions based on analytics is crucial, but can be a chore. Setting up and configuring your analytics, and then generating reports based on them are duties that are better outsourced to someone else. A freelancer can generate periodic reports so that you can make sound choices.

Reputation Management

Here is another task that is easily outsourced. Hiring someone to keep an ear out for the public’s perception of your business is a smart move. It makes sense to have someone else slog through all the online reviews, press, and consumer feedback.

Email Marketing

Although email marketing seems a bit stodgy, it is still as important as ever in customer conversion and retention. Letting a freelancer or personal assistant handle the scheduling, editing, and proofreading of email newsletters can save a ton of time.

Maybe you’re not quite comfortable outsourcing all of these tasks today. Try letting go of a few things that eat up your time. Then devote that time to your customers so that your business is something they want to talk about.

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