Reverse the risk to guarantee client growth

– by Craig Wilson

In every business transaction there’s always somebody who has to take a chance.

Typically it is the business who tries to demand that their clients take that chance first: “You pay me or hire me, and then I’ll do the task that you requested.”

And that can lead to a lot of indecision for the client who is expected to take a “leap of faith” when selecting a business to, hopefully, solve their problem.

But here is another way to look at the transaction. If you’re not willing to take a chance on you, how can you demand that somebody else does it?

If you really want to win a lot more clients and almost guarantee additional sales, perhaps it’s YOU who has to take a chance on you.

You see, it’s often less expensive to get somebody the result they require than it is to convince them to give you money first to get the result.

Think about it…

You are going to spend so much more money, time and energy to convince somebody to take a risk and give you, say, $500, than it would be for you to just invest the time and the portion of that money to get them their first $3,000. Then let them pay you from that.

The undeniable truth is that people are considerably less attached to future money, money they don’t have yet, than they are to the money they have now.

But most people are more than happy to give you a slice of the future money you’re going to bring in for them than they are to give you some of the money they currently have.

Why? Because the money they currently have is usually already allocated. If you want it, you need to compete with all the other commitments they have made. And that, combined with their perceived risk in the transaction, just makes it even harder for them to give it to you.

However, here’s the key…

When you have high confidence in your ability to deliver results for people, then the game becomes much more predictable.

You don’t need money-back guarantees, and you don’t need risk reversals.

You don’t even have to make big promises to win them over. You just have to show them results.

It could even be argued that when you start with results instead of “pay me”, you actually have to deliver less result than you have to promise just to get somebody to give you money for it.

Instead of being someone who is trying to take their current money, you’re now someone who’s aligned with their goals. They’re thrilled that you’re giving them exactly what they want.

Who can say no that?

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