The 5 “Ones” of Successful Marketing

The fastest way to grow your business is to have a really focused approach. Follow these 5 “ones” to grow faster.:

One target.

Don’t be everything to everyone. Focus on a single target market. The moment you do, you will have much more clarity in your marketing.

One offering.

Focus on your one offering that means most to your target market. Show that you can solve their problem and the rest will follow.

One conversion strategy.

What is the one way that will consistently convert prospects into clients. Calls? Face-to-face? Seminars? Webinars? Pick one and get really good at it.

One traffic source.

Don’t spread your marketing thin. Pick one traffic source that you can scale, whether it is paid or free, stick to it and do it really well.

One year.

Spend the next year getting your marketing plan humming along as efficiently as possible. It’ll take discipline and testing but it will be worth it.

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