Three Tips for Your Inbound Marketing Landing Page

landing_pageBefore you lead people back to your business’s website, it is important to make sure you have the right landing page. A well designed landing page will deliver optimal returns for your inbound marketing efforts.

Your landing page is the first thing a customer sees when they find your site on search engine results, social media, and advertisements. Here are three tips for putting your best digital foot forward.

1. Always include contact links: No matter what page your inbound marketing is leading people to, you need a clearly visible link to your contact information. If potential customers have any questions, you want them to be able to ask them easily and in the manner they choose.

2. Link to other parts of your site in blog posts: If someone clicks on a link to your blog, it is because they have an interest in the services described. Your solid content has pulled them to your website, but make sure to include some links to service descriptions, pricing, and other blog posts throughout the page. Once they have read your post, they can continue through to other parts of your site.

3. Don’t have too much happening on one page: You do not need to put everything about your company on that first page. Each page should have just the right amount of information about the topic / product / service that the visitor came for.  To engage customers, you need to have a simple page that gives the customer the information they are looking for without overpowering them and gives them the opportunity to find out more at their own pace.

If you would like help with your inbound marketing efforts, contact us. We specialise in helping companies grow significantly using digital marketing to generate more leads and convert more opportunities.


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