Why landing pages are essential for your digital marketing strategy

Landing pages are crucial for digital marketing strategies

Landing pages are crucial for digital marketing strategiesMany business owners and managers, decide to handle their own digital marketing strategies. They learn the basics, like providing interesting content and some simple optimisation to direct readers to their websites.

However, even though they start to receive more traffic, or one of their current customers gives a glowing remark like, “Wow, I saw your new blog. What a great idea!”, their business aren’t necessarily getting any new leads or sales from these efforts.

Let’s say you own a dry cleaning store and want to attract bridal clients, school uniform clients, and upholstery clients. Maybe you’ve posted some YouTube videos discussing various tips and three separate articles on your blog that discuss these specific services, all with links back to your company website….

This is typically where most business owners and managers mess up. They send all of this traffic to their home page, when they should send specific traffic to specific landing pages.

How to Use Landing Pages

  • The purpose of a landing page is to create instant conversions, so you must ask for a specific thing from each landing page, like a name and email address, or a name and phone number etc.
  • In addition, you must plan out every part of your page and you must test it to make sure it’s working correctly.
  • Lastly, understand that landing pages are also a part of your brand, so it’s important to make sure their look is cohesive with your brand image. Many of your repeat customers will stumble on your landing pages when they’re looking for new services or learning more about you, so you want them to continue to see the same quality information and presentation that they expect. In addition to doing a great job of collecting new leads, in this way, landing pages also work well to create brand advocates.

As you can see, there are certain marketing strategies you can learn and implement on your own. However, it takes time to learn the fine details that successful marketers are using in addition to the basic strategies to turn your visitors into long-term, enthusiastic customers.


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