Your simple marketing plan for 2023

Modern marketing is confusing, right? There is now an overwhelming amount of marketing options to consider. It’s no wonder marketing budgets are stretched thin and most businesses get a poor return on their spend.

But if you want to start getting a lot more leads, enquiries and clients in 2023 you only need 3 things

Focus. Funnels. Follow-up.

1. Focus

You need to focus your marketing for greater returns.

Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Focus on your ideal, most lucrative clients. Work out who they are. Where they are. What their needs or problems or frustrations are.

Then focus your marketing message to speak specifically to your ideal clients.

Mention them. Show you understand their situation. Demonstrate you know how to solve their problems.

Don’t talk about you. Talk about how you help them. A clear, focused message will cut through better with the people who matter. Don’t worry about the rest.

Then focus on your offering as it relates to your ideal clients.

Don’t list features, demonstrate benefits. Make sure it speaks to their needs and desires and then make it irresistible to them. Make it as easy as possible for them to get started with you.

2. Funnels

Think of your marketing and sales process as a funnel.

People (traffic) enter at the top of the funnel. Then something needs to happen to move them through to the enquiry stage. And another thing has to happen to progress them down the funnel to become a client.

I encourage clients to focus predominantly on one traffic (media) source, rather than spreading budgets too thin. This traffic source should be where your ideal clients spend a fair amount of their time.

Offer some sort of lead magnet. A book, whitepaper, report, calculator or some other low-cost, easy-to-distribute device that speaks to their problem or needs. It’s not about you, it’s about moving them towards solving their problem.

When someone requests or opts-in to your lead magnet they are telling you who they are and that they are interested in a solution you offer.

They are in your marketing funnel.

Then you need to provide them with an easy, risk-free next step to talk to you. And, if they’re an ideal prospect, offer them the easiest next step to start doing business with you.

3. Follow-up

This is where so many marketing dollars are wasted. People don’t go out of their way to buy from you. They need to be prompted and reminded.

Create a process to follow-up leads and previous enquiries in order to convert as many as possible.

You should also have a process for following up and frequently communicating with your existing clients to ensure they’re doing as much as possible with you. To maximise their lifetime value.

And, wherever possible, these processes should be automated for consistency and efficiency.

How long does it take to develop such a plan? Well, I conduct marketing “accelerators” where it’s completed in just one day. I invite you to take the next step ;-)

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Craig Wilson is the founder of Sticky. He has been in the business of growing businesses for over 25 years. If you’d like to speak with Craig to discuss how Sticky might be able to help your business get better results, just book a call here.

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