Keys to a Successful PPC Campaign

Just as customers are becoming ever more sophisticated, along with all the technology tools and online marketing strategies, so are the requirements for a successful Pay Per Click (PPC campaign). It isn’t enough anymore for organisations to simply throw all their marketing dollars into Google Adwords or Facebook ads and hope for the best. Listed below is an outline of some key strategies to creating not just a PPC marketing campaign, but one that can jump start real growth and results for your business.

A Dedicated Landing Page

When you do receive interest from one of your advertisements, make sure your landing page experience lives up to, and preferably exceeds the visitor’s expectations. If your analytics are telling you they are coming to your landing page, but no further, then split testing your page is definitely the next step. Some A/B testing can also help determine whether implemented landing page changes are generating conversions or if further work is necessary.

Find Your Target Audience Online

There is still some value in investing in the basics such as Google Adwords and ads on Facebook and other big social media names, but it is also important to analyse your target audience and learn where they are spending their time (and money) online. There are plenty of online advertising platforms, so it is worth your time and money to find out which ones attract your target audience. In some cases, buying ads directly from specific website publishers might be just the right investment of your marketing dollars that you’ve been looking for. Don’t forget remarketing either. If people made the effort to come to your site, they must have some purpose for doing so. Use remarketing strategies to remind them of everything your company has to offer them.

Campaign Tips

Especially for those on a tight budget, don’t have a “set it and forget it” attitude toward your marketing campaign. Have a definite beginning and an ending date and analyse what occurred in between, to determine if you received a good ROI. Be honest with your assessment about the campaign. Did you simply receive more clicks or did those clicks actually turn into real sales?

Contact us for more on how to create an effective PPC campaign for your organisation. Using our professional expertise in marketing concepts, online tools and our ability to properly assess results, we can help you attain your goals of expanding your customer base and increasing the size of your business.  

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